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Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
'll certainly remember reprovided a lot of flexibility to do smart thicks in terms rebuilding a port in a way that was smarter than there was before. so first and fore most, we have to find ways not at the federal level to stand in the way of the smart decisions, but encourage them. with whatever money we have, that's going allow the money go farther and to be smarter. second, we will, and you will see when we provide our supplement request for the administration this week with, we propose to invest in mitigation. we know now from studies fema and elsewhere that for about dollar we invest in mid gracious. we get $4 back in avoided cost over time. that's something we have to recognize as we go in. and so the federal government investing in these recognizing the fiscal limit we have but investing in a smart way, making a specific part of this proposal in each of the yours that we go forward focused on mitigation is going to be important. the third i would say i hope part of the president asked you to do this. i worked in the private sector in new york and new jersey. one of the things i know th
Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
someone with my skill set speaking to puerto ricans, but fellow port puerto ricans. that's true in other parts of the country. there's a much more deliberate effort this time to ensure in ads and media outreach, and just people to people outreach that you speak to and through folks through the same subgroup. >> and different issues as well? >> yeah. >> i mean, is information coming in a different way? >> issues, this time, at least in my experience, born out in the national exit polls, the issues latinos cared about this time were the issues, the mainstream, if you will, the national issues, the economy with 60%, health care, overperformed in the issue that latinos cared about more in the national exit polls than did the rest of the elector rat, the budget deficit, and then foreign policy. the four top issues were the same in a slightly different order than they were for the rest of the electorat. the budget deficit and health care were in opposite places for the electorat. this time, there was more of those domestic issues, domestic issues than four years ago in my experience. again, pa
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
in participating with us here today. i was pleased to hear jury testimony matches the port of her pending legislation the senate and how you use some of that as a template for trying to take action and initiatives, but you do need to lie. one thing, i know omb -- i don't think they've given you a signoff on providing us with the specifics, but any technical assistance you can provide to the committee so we can improve the public assistance reforms in our bill, we would welcome that. the bill, 2903 over in the senate. we are welcomed to improving that. i heard a couple suggestions here today that we might consider in reform of our reform bill or additions to our reform bill. but we believe that he can hear in the testimony of folks that have experienced problem and a lot of the bill came from members who had experienced problems in their own districts or states, dealing with past storms have the tools that will help you. is that except to vote? can you agree to participate? >> yes, sir, mr. chairman. >> let me jump now to a couple of major questions. one, you indicated we have about $4.8 b
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm EST
of the 75 people that attended, 20 were growth hormone experts with no association with ports, and based on the recommendations of that meeting in 2004, the test was implemented in the olympics in athens in 2004. there's been peer review, people looked at it, discussioned it, and have confidence in it. >> thank you, thank you. mr. chairman. >> i thank the gentleman. would you yield for a second? >> of course. >> i think the gentleman makes a great point that this test, at best, will be a little bit like police out on the freeway with radar guns. the vast majority of people drive over the speed limit and do not end counter a police mep, but on occasion, they do, and the accuracy of the radar gun, sadly, is quite good. [laughter] >> mr. chairman, i'll also add to that. if you are chad, it is not a defense in the court of law to say, welsh everyone else was doing it too. >> exactly. the gentleman's correct. >> over here. >> wait -- wait, oh, yes. >> can i comment -- >> i was not looking -- >> that analogy is a good analogy with the speed in everyone else, as you know, will slow down when
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4